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Oh man. Okay. Hopefully, I can get this out in a coherent fashion, because I'm going on about three hours sleep but I'm so wired I can't STAND IT.

This is the story of how much being Blue rules.

About half a year ago, I found out that SPN was filmed here in the Lower Mainland. After clicking around the internet, I found out they film mainly in Burnaby, with location shots all around New West and downtown Vancouver. So then, a couple months ago, I got it in my head to keep an eye out for these shoots and swing by if I could, maybe meet someone. Or at least glimpse someone from afar and chat up a PA or two. Early this week, stormcloude pointed me towards the actual address for their main studio, just a couple minutes down the road, and then I decided I needed to call chichiri_no_da and miko_no_da and start in on this stalker thing for real. We picked Thursday as the day to lurk around the studio in the hopes that someone would notice us.

THEN THE FUN STARTED, because on Wednesday, I came home to find a NOTICE OF FILMING-SUPERNATURAL posted to my friggin' front door. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. It was pretty detailed, listing out exactly what the actors would be doing and explaining how they'd be blocking off the area around the Old Terminal Pub (pretty shifty place, which is apt, and they used it before in Asylum), and would be filming Friday-Saturday from midnight to five. So I sorta might've grabbed the notice off the door, forgot all about the existence of the elevator and ran up seven flights of stairs to burst into my apartment, dive-roll over the back of the couch while making a grab for the phone, call up Miko and scream incoherently. IT WAS EXCITING, SHUT UP.

Anyway, we totally changed our plans. I mean, the studio basically said, 'Hi, I hear you're trying to stalk our boys, that's great, here's an engraved invitation, we'll be filming in your back garden, please come visit!' How're you supposed to say no to that (though Roomie did, because she's stark raving bonkers, but that's a whole different story).

Friday morning, a few trucks appeared in the pub's parking lot while I was getting ready for work. Miko and Jess popped over here (looking fabulous) around eight that night, when there still wasn't much going on down the road, and while I was getting ready, they went off to pick up sustenance (because really, cook? pft), and because we're all dorks and I'd said how the day before was Jared's birthday, so we should get him a bouquet of gummi worms, they went off and got him a candy basket and a small lollipop bouquet for Jensen, because you just can't leave him out. I'm very secure in my massive dorkiness. You can so give a guy candy on the first stalking, it's totally kosher.

We killed time watching SPN (they wanted to see the pub in Asylum before we went down) until about 11:30, then moseyed on down. On our way past the warehouse where all the Smallville extras end up shooting, we passed two girls huddled on the corner who looked like kindred spirits, and sidled on up to Mr. PA Rob, who fabulously told us EVERYTHING from how the guys were there, yes, but they're all stuck at the studio running late, and we can stand right there, sure, thirty feet from the set is fine and of course, let me just whip out my handy dandy PA itinerary and fill you in on even MORE of what we'll be filming.

Rob's awesome. :D He did ask us not to take pictures, which I sort of expected given that a) randomly snapping is rude and paparazzi-like, and b) it was a night shoot, so.

We made contact with the other two girls after that (sadly not using any pre-conceived Sekrit Fangirl Sign of Contacting, which I think fandom really needs, because there's a story there about me, a girl with a I <3 yaoi bag and a bus stop full of mundanes), and chatted until the trucks started rolling in. Everything was running about an hour behind, so it was really neat to see it all be set up from the get-go. I was busy gawking at the food cart when a black SUV rolled by with Jensen and Jared and a suspicious doggie shape in the back seat. CUE MASSIVE INTERNAL FANGIRLING. The two girls we met were really good at not being horrific fangirls, unlike two Asian girls who wandered by later that night.

Cut to story about Asian girls: These two party chicks actually entered from the other side of the set and sidled straight on up to the director's tent and promptly put themselves behind the monitors to watch. Once they were discovered, another PA brought them over to join us and lectured them, while our new PA (a girl's name we didn't get) shared eyerolls with it. Girl #1 asked if we'd met them yet while Girl #2 blabbed on her phone rudely even after they'd started rolling, and then proceeded to annoy the everloving hell out of me by saying she wasn't there to see that one (Jared) she sees him all the time at the casino, she wants to see the other one, what's his name, the tall one.

I mean, really. Just.

Back to the story!

J2 stayed in the SUV for awhile, Jared on the phone, while Jim Beaver, Mr. Bobby Awesome Singer, wandered the set and chatted up PAs. He ended up about five feet away from us, but at that point, we were still very much with the not wanting to be obnoxious and rude and didn't call out to him. He wandered away when Jensen hopped out of the SUV (which was about fifteen feet away) and vanished into the make-up trailer. About a half hour later, Dean walked out and waved to us on his way to set while Jared hid from the rain some more (it's Vancouver, it was alternating between misty and pouring, what else do you expect, really). Then, on his way back, Jensen sauntered on over and said hi.

Just in case you didn't know, HE'S AWESOME. His smile really is fantastic, the eye-crinkle kills me, and his voice in person is unf.

So, he introduces himself (Hi, I'm Jensen, AS IF WE DIDN'T KNOW... but after the two Asian girls showed up and thankfully left--exactly two seconds before the SECOND time Jensen came over, ahaha, take that snotty girls!--it made a little more sense), shook our hands and repeated our names after we said them, and then sort of politely called us bonkers for being voluntarily out in the rain at two in the morning. Miko quipped about everyone else who's bonkers being at the HP release party, I added something hopefully witty about shotguns with rock salt topping magic twigs, and we all chatted for a bit out the whole HP thing, with Jensen doing most of the talking. I could watch him talk all freakin' day. Up close, he looks almost exactly like his pictures but at the same time nothing like them.

Also, he did seem a little shy, but I think more in the way of 'I'm faced with five strange girls I've never met how do I break the ice' rather than the 'OMG NOT MORE FANS' way.

He asked if we'd seen the big guy yet and when we said no, he said he'd send Jared on over. Both of them got called back then, and we saw Mr. Tall, Lanky, I-got-my-Sam-haircut-back goof with a PA on the way to set. We couldn't really see much of what they were doing through the crowd of people (there were only five of us gawkers, everyone else was cast and crew), and this time, when Jim wandered by, we waved and smiled blindingly and overcome with the power of us, he wandered over to chat. There was set talk, weather talk, because how can you not bitch about the rain, and when he said he wouldn't be out there voluntarily, I pointed out how close the concrete monstrosity where I live is, and if they can stand to make the show at that hour in the rain, we can absolutely stand there to say hi and thanks.

A little later, maybe around three, Jared and Jensen came over. JARED IS ALSO AWESOME. It seemed to be the only chance they had to get food, so they were chowing down on hotdogs the whole time, and Jared kept doing that adorable (on him, at least) thing where you take massive bites of food, talk around them, and hold your hand sorta near your mouth as if that'll make it more polite. I'm not sure if I can remember everything that was said, because they hung out for about five-ten minutes, but, here goes. The main point is THEY BANTER LIKE AWESOME THINGS BANTER. Genuine and friendly and with that best buds aura pretty much shoved right in your face.

So, Jared mentioned how he was trashed and how he shouldn't have stayed out so late, or let Jensen crash on his couch, because, and I'm quoting pretty much verbatim here, YESTERDAY WAS MY BRITHDAY :D :D DID YOU GET ME A PRESENT? and did this classic double-take, complete with wide, innocent-happy Sam eyes when we said yes. Something like, "...seriously? :O :D!" Miko handed him his basket o'awesome candy, he shoved the rest of his hotdog into his mouth as fast as he could and started pawing at it, mumbling nearly-incoherently about how it had gumballs and EVERYTHING, while I told Jensen we couldn't leave him out, handed him the lollipops, and he did one pretty genuine Jensen-flavoured Jared-thanks. And as soon as Jared swallowed, he naturally held up his basket to Jensen's bouquet and said his was way better, it had a bear in it and it was bigger. Jensen countered with, "Pft, I got their hearts, see," and stuffed the (yes, heart-shaped, SHUT UP I SAID) bouquet into his face.

Lemme see, what else... we said congrats on the third season, they enthused mightily, Jared told us more about the scene they were trying to shoot ("We're trying to get out of the car, lines, man"), and his 6:20 flight. Which launched into this story about how him and Jeff were at the airport sometime last year, about twenty minutes to take off, and he kept calling Jensen's cell (wondering where he was and why wasn't he at the airport) and getting voicemail. The third time he called, the got:

Still Asleep!Jensen: WHAT.
Jared: Why aren't you at the airport?
Still Asleep!Jensen: THE WHAT?
Jared: The airport!
Now Slightly More Awake!Jensen: SHIT.

Jensen missed four flights that year. He says, "Only!"

P.S. Jared swears like a sailor. Really. He makes me look tame. I don't say shit as often in one day as he does in ten minutes. XD

Then, alas, recall to set. Jess managed to ask before they left if they would mind coming back later, if they had time, to sign some stuff for us. Jared seemed to take this as an invitation to stand about ten feet away and shout more conversation with us while the itty-bitty girl who'd come to fetch them watched the sky in a particularly long-suffering manner and Jensen just grinned his ass off.

But they came back, oh yes, with Jim in tow! We whipped out our copies of S1 (and here's something funny for you: I had, just two days prior, mailed my S1 box set to suzu, who lives in buttfuck nowhere, so she could share in the love, which naturally left me DVDless at the most INOPPORTUNE TIME IMAGINABLE. So. I bought a new one. Ahaha. ...anybody want to buy a slightly-used, over-loved box set of SPN? Forty bucks Canadian, going cheap! XD) for them to sign. Jim seemed a little surprised we wanted his signature too, but I mean, c'mon. All I need is Jeff's and Samantha Ferris's (Ellen's) signatures, and I've got the whole set of my favourites. :D

Looking at the back of the DVD case itself, not the sleeve, Jared says, "Wow, we're looking pretty studly there--I'm gonna sign on your face, Jensen." Which segues rather smoothly into:

Jensen: He's got this thing-
Jared: I told him the next time someone hands me something with both of us on it, I'm signing all over it. Hey, so I signed right here. *POINT* Where it says 'smart and sexy.' *POINTPOINTLEANSWAYCLOSE*
Jim: *tugs out glasses* It does?
Jensen: Aha, talk about embarrassing Jim, man, breaking out the glasses.
Jim: *pen on Jensen's picture* Yeah, so I won't miss your face.
Jensen: *massive haemorrhage-inducing eyeroll* *but shuts ups and hands over the box*

Then there was a little more random chatter, them asking if they signed everything and thanking us for coming out. Jared said something along the lines of hoping to see us again, we were great, and I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A LINE IT DIDN'T SOUND LIKE A LINE HE'S AWESOME. And then he did that thing were Jensen and Jim practically had to drag him back to set again.

And that's it! :D Well, except for this drunk guy who drove up looking for a drink, told bad Mike Tyson jokes and tried to pick us up (but Rob the PA fought him off with his handy stop sign) and this guy with two bikes who was obviously way higher than Jared's preferred blood-sugar level.

Oh, and! And this could be a minor spoiler for the season premiere (I think that's what they said they were filming, and makes sense), but we also met that episode's baddie, a character named Walter who gets possessed by the demon Envy (and who might be named Joss but I'm not sure (he didn't introduce himself)), and chatted with us for about fifteen minutes about pretty much everything.

OH. And something else. Aha, set gossip. >_> Superman is apparently not such a nice guy. Superman also apparently has ideas about who should mingle with who, and who should shut up and be slaves. EDIT: Yis, this be meaning Tom Welling. I WAS TRYING TO BE SUBTLE. Ahar. /EDIT

Now I think that's it. XD I've got pics of the filming notice, the signed DVDs, and the pub from my balcony, but not of the set (or sadly, Bobby's kick-ass car, which we were right next to, or the Impala, which was in the middle of the impenetrable cloud of set people, if it was there at all). As soon as Jess heads home and uploads them, I'll make with the posty.

I feel like such a huge, massively lucky dork. I'll be over here for the rest of my life, bein' smug. :D

ALSO. You should go read Jess's post here because it is full of even more awesome, and she nailed some stuff I totally forgot about. HAPPY FACES OF DOOM.

EDIT: Jess is finally home, so she's uploaded the pics to her LJ here. :D

MORE EDIT! Miko's managed to rouse herself from her squee-induced hangover, so now she's added what she remembers of the night here! Between the three of us, and comments, I think we managed to remember it all. It's so weird to think all of this happened in about four hours. :3
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