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My new iMac is aptly named.

Today has involved Roomie being Upset enough to call me from her job (this... just doesn't happen. Ever. Roomie is generally so fucking zen about her job she's comatose) and me yelling at the bank for typical Bank Whatthefuckery, and then more shit happened that we're going to call That Family Thing, and I had rage. Huge amounts of rage. Like, make a giant post about the cumulative insanity of the world while taking potshots out the window and so on and so forth, etc., etc.

So I sat down in front of Watson with the intent to spew rage everywhere, gave him a little polish (he is very shiny, but tends to smudge), and suddenly everything wasn't so bad. Not awesome, but not so bad.

The moral of the story: Watson has a preternatural ability to Make Everything Okay. :D

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